Just Steven – Steven Hovriel


After the breakup of Steven Hovriel’s Marriage to Hovriel Snedron, his descent into the nightmare world of Jobbion Infused Brine addiction was inevitable. This was an all time low for Steven, he lost everything. After spending his millions almost completely on brine, he became homeless, living on the streets of Glasgow, sleeping in bins , eating dogshit and playing hobrels in the street to pay for his brine habit. This would destroy any normal man, but not Steven Hovriel, he emerged from this pitiful existence like a brine addled shit and piss covered phoenix to create one of his most influential work.

“Just Steven” catapulted Steven back to the top of the charts. The first single from the album, “Bread and Foreskin” went triple platinum a couple of days after release. In a recent interview, Hovriel described it as his defining moment. In one afternoon, he managed to create a whole new sub-genre of Shendob called Downfall Shendob.

According to Steven,”Bread and Foreskin” is about his life on the streets and one day in particular when , whilst on a heavy brine trip ,marched through Glasgow city centre with a sausage roll sticking out of  his mouth and masturbating aggressively with a stale brioche which he’d stolen from a bargain bin in a local deli. Absolutely apoplectic with rage over his treatment by The Snedrons and more high than he’d ever been on the brine, Steven stamped around the streets shouting the words to “bread and foreskin” ,making them up as he went along.

Soon, like some sort of shitty, briney Pied Piper of Shendob he attracted a crowd, ultimately leading his new disciples to Kelvingrove park where he held an anti Snedrons rally. This was the start of something big……

For all you Hovriel fans who don’t own this pioneering track, it’s available on our soundcloud archive.


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Ménage à trois E.P – Steven Hovriel


Classic Steven  Hovriel but unfortunately there is a sad story behind this E.P.

Although still a member of The Hovriels at this time ( he was still married to Hovriel Snedron), he released this solo E.P. .The lead track on the E.P. was ” I’m Really Happy You Stole My Wife”  which , oddly enough was written and composed entirely by Jobis Snedron. At this point , Jobis Snedron was still playing as a session Hobrel player with The Hovriels and many people felt that he still held a grudge against Steven for marrying his brother, splitting up The Snedrons and then forming The Hovriels with Hovriel Snedron. Essentially, Jobis was annoyed about the succuss of the Hovriels (nearly as successful as The Snedrons in their early days).

The Hovriels were touring non stop in 2002 and to liven up the live shows, Jobis suggested to the Hovriel husbands that they should do a thing where they all take turns making the rest of the band sing a song written by another band member. The Hovriels agreed to this and had it written into their contract. This , however was a villainous plan of Jobis Snedron and Steven was falling into the trap…..

Headlining at the  Píkarango festival in november 2002,  it was Jobis’s turn to pick the song. He knew that Steven was still upset over Jobis’s young Shendob protégé Javíel Nogis stealing his wife, even though he was married now to Hovriel Snedron and wrote a song about it where Steven has to sing about the loss of his wife and in the climactic moments of the song, punch himself repeatedly in the face.

Jobis went one step further with his vile scheme by convincing Steven that the song was given to him in a dream by the ghost ofJobriel Shendob (the inventor of Shendob music). Steven’s love of Shendob music meant that he could not deny this request. Steven then performed the song, much to Jobis’s glee, in front of 700,000 people at the Píkarango Festival. the crowd stood silent as Steven punched himself in the face again and again.

Baically, this was the song that broke the Hovriels up . Hovriel Snedron could see that Steven loved his wife more than him and he walked away. He didn’t even visit Steven in Hospital. As a consequence of this and the withrawal from high strength painkillers after his facial reconstruction, Steven Hovriel descended into the world of Brine addiction. Due to the legislation regarding Jobbion14 storage in Brine/L.Casei immunitas, there was now a black market in Jobbion infused Brine and Steven consumed more brine than was actually possible for a human being.

All in all, a beautiful tune but a heartbreaking tale.

Luckily we managed to track down a copy of this song and have uploaded it to our archive. Have a listen, Hovriel’s voice is in peak condition on this one.


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The Hovriels : Shanis Nyrex E.P.

Now this is possibly among the most sought after of the wolfcock recordings back catalogue, The Hovriels seminal Shanis Nyrex E.P. WCOCKEP0012 an original numbered pressing of this (500 pressed)  (1999) would set you back over £600. legend has it that the hovriels , Stefan Hortengis and Muriel Shentovis (recording under the name Shrelinengis McNab) each put some of their own earwax into the vinyl when it was being pressed. Many people say that the high price of those first 500 records is due to Shentovis fans who feel like it’s a piece of their idol. Many of them had never seen  her in concert  before her tragic death in 2011. the feel that her earwax in the record gives it a warmth that modern digital recordings cannot emulate.

An urban legend about the 500 records is that you can tell whose earwax is in what record by the smell at 45rpm (even better if your deck has pitch control , crank it up to + 10%) you’ll be able to smell who it is…….

The A side is the title track, the pensive yet stimulating Shanis Nyrex  then  flip it over to side  B for the cerebral  “Art Of Shendob” . Astounding hobrel work from Stefan Hortengis and the lovely Muriel Shentovis’ vocals are sublime. definitely part of this new wave of shendob music , or future hobis music and latent píkarango .  anyway, definitely worth a listen if you like the hobrel or chobriel side of things.

R.I.P. Muriel Shentovis

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Very Rare Steven Hovriel : Live at wengis festival.


First released in 2003 1 sided brown vinyl. WCOCK LP006

definitely under rated as far as steven hovriel goes. after divorcing hovriel snedron in early  2003 he experimented heavily with brine. he does a sublime pee pee  solo on this album as well as the hobrels. delightful stuff.  much sought after by collectors of pee pee / fusion hobrel music