Shreliob Grellnier – looking at bums volumes 1 & 2 (Shendobi Beats/Enter the Shendobi)


Thanks to our Auckland office for uncovering this rare Shendob treasure, it certainly bolsters the Wolfcock back catalogue with the type of raw Shendob that we all know and love.

Of unknown origin, Shreliob Grrellnier worked as a bumhole assassin for a leading world power. His remit: kill on the instruction and whim of his shadowy masters. Grellnier was top of his game, supposedly eliminating over 3000 enemies of the state by his preferred method of execution – Jobbion Nitrate tipped blowdarts. His motto was “Aim for The Bum”……. he never missed.


Some time in the late 90’s  however, Shreliob was sent on a black ops mission to eliminate a supposed asset operating for an opposing faction…….

Shreliob located his target and stalked him for a few days, finding out where the easiest place would be to get a clean shot at the bum. He climbed through an air duct in the target’s apartment block and as he neared the vent into the apartment, he heard something that made him drop his poisoned darts and begin openly weeping.

That’s right shendob fans, his target turned out to be none other than Hobis Tarantl, master chendle player and he was playing the sweetest shendob man had ever heard. Shreliob climbed down from the vent and bowed before Maestro Hobis. “Master,teach me the art of Shendob” he said

Years later, Grellnier emerged from the apartment block a changed man and Shendob master. He vowed to turn his back on his old life and become a top selling Shendob artist.

His former employers did not share his new view on things however and targeted him for elimination. Legend has it that they’ve sent many top operatives after Grellnier and the ones who returned to H.Q. did so in a body bag , each containing a copy of Grellnier’s Looking at bums cd.

Despite numerous attempts by certain governments to apprehend him, Grellnier remains at large, producing maximum Shendob from a location unknown.

These 3 great Shendobs from this sublime two part E.P are available from our archive


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