Just Steven – Steven Hovriel


After the breakup of Steven Hovriel’s Marriage to Hovriel Snedron, his descent into the nightmare world of Jobbion Infused Brine addiction was inevitable. This was an all time low for Steven, he lost everything. After spending his millions almost completely on brine, he became homeless, living on the streets of Glasgow, sleeping in bins , eating dogshit and playing hobrels in the street to pay for his brine habit. This would destroy any normal man, but not Steven Hovriel, he emerged from this pitiful existence like a brine addled shit and piss covered phoenix to create one of his most influential work.

“Just Steven” catapulted Steven back to the top of the charts. The first single from the album, “Bread and Foreskin” went triple platinum a couple of days after release. In a recent interview, Hovriel described it as his defining moment. In one afternoon, he managed to create a whole new sub-genre of Shendob called Downfall Shendob.

According to Steven,”Bread and Foreskin” is about his life on the streets and one day in particular when , whilst on a heavy brine trip ,marched through Glasgow city centre with a sausage roll sticking out of  his mouth and masturbating aggressively with a stale brioche which he’d stolen from a bargain bin in a local deli. Absolutely apoplectic with rage over his treatment by The Snedrons and more high than he’d ever been on the brine, Steven stamped around the streets shouting the words to “bread and foreskin” ,making them up as he went along.

Soon, like some sort of shitty, briney Pied Piper of Shendob he attracted a crowd, ultimately leading his new disciples to Kelvingrove park where he held an anti Snedrons rally. This was the start of something big……

For all you Hovriel fans who don’t own this pioneering track, it’s available on our soundcloud archive.


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