Javiél Nogis : Shendob e.p.

Javiiél Nogis represents the future of Shendobs and electric pee pee / hovrels mix. Future shendobs are usually about spaceships, big submarines, big robot fighting aliens or like a famous wolf shendob.

dedicated Shendob E.P. only from wolfcock records.

This style of music is was invented by  a man called Jobriel Shendob. He was a  trainee shebrle hovax but he has a dream one night that he is paralyzed and can’t scream but he is awake and sees an E.T. ghost finger poking up his nose. he can feel thousands of gigabytes of alien information being poked up by the finger.When he wakes up , he understand s a new alien language and learns how to make a chobriel shantyrex , allowing the folding of space and manufacturing of the first  Hobris Vessel.

The man goes into space on his Hobris – fitted with a  Jobbion Shielded Chobriel Shantyrex allowing the travelling of billions of light years and back in what seems like an instant.  On his way back from the Píkarango system, the hobris dropped out of light speed , ready to land on earth and while he’s orbiting the earth, waiting for his entry window, he sees a giant skeletor foetus gestating in space.it’ s a giant baby with a skeletor face- it must be a baddy . He realises that it is feeding off the earth like an egg yolk . you fucking filthy skeletor baby we humans are not an egg yolk for you to eat.!

he decides to kill  it before it gets too powerful. However that will mean that he will not be able to return to earth as he is using all his fuel to kill the  skeletor.

Floating in space…… what will happen. transmission ends….no signal, no signal…… this E.P. is the beginning of a journey into deep  shendob

The Shendob E.P. is a concept work, the lead track ” Jobriel oh Chobriel” tells the legendary tale of  Jobriel Shendob saving earth from the skeletor foetus in space and the B side is the aggressive, unrelenting “Fucking Wengis” telling the tale of a  Wengis who accidentally enters a restricted area in a Secret Service  Black-Ops Hobris Vessel. To avoid intruders stealing the technical readout for the ship’s Chobriel Shantyrex, it is Guarded by Randeron, a heavily armed, Titanium plated , Jobbion nitrate powered death machine.

If you like angry shendobs then this is where to start.

This is the definitive future shendob.

Coming soon to our archive, watch this space!

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