The Snedrons: Manually Resetting Your Gooch


Some would say that this is the definitive Snedrons album. This was released on a tight budget and many believe that this shows in the raw energy of tunes likes Mi Mama Hobris and Bidre Shevle. At the time the Snedron brothers working in a Hobret & Choble shengis  factory, fitting gooches onto the homis  kettles. Hard and dangerous work for little pay. 12 hours a day and they saw a few of their friends die in accidents, mainly working the hobris press or cleaning the Proxl.

The tune “Proxl, Woxl, Toxl, Aoxl” is basically a tune about the deaths of their colleagues who all died cleaning the Proxl. At night though, they would be  playing traditional hobrel and traditional old syle shendob in bars and pee pee clubs.

then one night Jobis & Hovriel had a dream  about an alien telling them about a new kind of thing and they made this album of sweet hobrel infused shendob and stopped working for Hobret & Choble as they were bad employers. They set up a charity for men injured in accidents at the factory and the owners of Hobret &Choble were made to pay damages to all the families.

Unfortunately some of the old men never got to see their compensation money as they had ganglion poisoning from working with Jobbion 14 .Unfortunately this volatile substance was used extensively in in the  manufacturing of homis kettles in the 60s ,70s and early 80’s (prior to 1984 legislation  on brine/L.Casei Immunitas storage of Jobbion Nitrate )

The song “Sweet Brendle My Dear. ” is dedicated to these men who never got justice for contracting deadly jobbion poisoning . R. I. P. the Hobret & Choble 6


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